Quarry about the fun run 3

You are interested in playing the racing game. Then Fun run 3 is the best game. It is launched by Dirtybit. This is support Android and IOS both devices. It is the best game for mobile. In Android devices, it must require 4.1 and up version required. In this, the product is available from 75.00 rupees to 6,600.00 per item in the store. This current game version is 2.7.3 running. It proves the best game for kids. The dirtybit launches 3 parts of this game. First one is the fun run, second is the fun run 2 and the now the current part on demand is the fun run 3. Many people don’t know about these hidden features. So today I tell you some features.

Steps of add friends-

Like the game, we play this game with our friends. Via linking the game with Facebook, you can play this game with your friends. You also add the online player in your game. And every time play with them. But some people don’t know about that. There ways to add online friends in the game. These ways are so useful for every player.

  1. Via the message icon, you can add. First, tap on message button after playing the game. Then select the add icon next to the player you want to add.
  2. Via taping on add icon. Touch on add bar in the upper left corner of the friend’s screen and type the username of that friend. After that, you will find that friend and request to add them.
  3. When you play in the friend’s zone then a simple way to add them. Touch on the friend id and click on add icon.

How to delete the friends from the list-

Everyone is fell enjoy when they play with friends. But sometimes we don’t want to play with a particular friend or not interested in playing with them. So in this game its give another feature to delete the friends from the game. Now I tell you about this feature. This is the useful information for many persons. These two ways are deleted friends from friend list.

  1. If you want to delete your game friend from friend list, then select the trash icon in the upper left corner of the friend screen. It will appear next to your friend’s username. After that click on trash for delete the friend.
  2. You play this game with your Facebook friend. When you connect the game with the Facebook account. Then it will be showing you automatically your friends list. Which is playing this game? If you want to delete a friend from that list. You need to remove from your friend list, and another way is to remove your account from the game. So these all the best way to delete your friends.

 The gift to the friends –

As you know that you play this game with your friends, but you don’t know that you will send the gift to friends. In this game, you can only send the Mystery box in it. In the mystery box have many random items. When you send the mystery box to the friend or receive the mystery. Touch on it then opens a random item as the rewards and gift.

Clan leaderboards-

It is special accessories in the shop. These are locked from play in a clan. When you are playing in a clan. You will receive the special accessories automatically. In every week on Friday, the clan larboard reset. All member of the clan will unlock the item. But you also unlock the items by using the coins or gems.